Virtual Bridal Shower 101:

This shower is a celebration of Kristin, what she means to each one of us, and sharing her joy in her approaching marriage.

We will create a website dedicated to the divine Ms. K, a precious scrapbook full of memories and sentiments for her to keep forever, plus all of our love!

1. Create or contribute to a scrapbook page for Kristin's book. Send whatever
touches your heart
so that it touches hers. Click here for details.

2. Send Kristin a card for her to receive on September 13. Click here for details.

3. Accomplish the above as soon as possible so that we can present it on September 13.

Ok, now that we have sold you on the virtues of this
“virtual” shower, we must admit nothing beats the actual touch of a hand.
So, we are giving Kristin one more surprise! Click here to find out what it is!

Which Means Virtual Bridal Shower Time & You’re Invited!

Kristin InvittaionYou know what’s super cool about a virtual bridal shower?  That everyone can come, and you’re invited!  We’re celebrating Kristin and this exciting time of her life, and not limiting it to time or distance!

Ok, first we gotta get sentimental …

Kristin mountain stream Since the moment Kristin was born, we’ve had the pleasure and honor of getting to know her, watching her grow into a beautiful woman, sharing life’s ups & downs.

Kristin is fun, laughs, Kristin

(lots and lots of good times) Kristin rocksJami Kristin triceratopsMarci and KristinGer and Kristin and bushels of positive love energy a-flowin’. Kristin’s quite the awesome gal, and her soon to be hubby Ty – in a matter of days!!!!! AAAAAHHHH!!!!! – is one VERY lucky man.  

So how do we throw our nearly wed cousin/niece a bridal shower?  We're glad you asked!   We all live in different spots THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY.  Dilemmaville.  But actually not so much… we are all scrappers! Scrapbookers, that is. We invite you to help create a handmade scrapbook to include a page from you, and a whole lotta love.

We will create 12x12 pages from what you send us and present the book full of love to Kristin for her to cherish. Choose from these suggestions:

- The thing you love most about Kristin

- telling Kristin what her wedding means to you

- words of wisdom for the bride-to-be

- photos

- good wishes

- favorite quotes

- recipes to share with Kristin and Ty

- what is your favorite memory of Kristin and/or Ty

- just whatever touches your heart so that it touches hers.

Write it in an email or attach a file (.pdf, .jpg, or Word) in that email to our address. Also, if you have any questions, Just click here to send!

To see completed scrapbook pages and read more loving words about our dear Kristin, be sure to visit this website to check out updates as we start receiving your love notes and memorabilia.

In addition, another way of sending Kristin your best wishes is by joining our card shower.

letter "My Dearest Kristin....."

Send your e-card on September 13 to

"Kristin Kerth" <>

or snail mail her at
1455 Wherever St., Salina, KS

In addition, you can give "virtual" best wishes with Kristin herself, be sure to visit her over on her FaceBook blog, __________!

Kristin and Ty are registered at ___________________

Dearest Kristin, we hope that your wedding weekend is filled with love and laughter.  That you and Mr. Ty have the best time EVER, and that the whole thing just ROCKS SO HARD. (;  We love you so much, you have no idea.  No really, you don’t.  (:

xoxo!  – Jami, Chris, Sharon, Marci